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Dirk De Wever

Bensimon Home Autour du Monde
Rue de Namur 70
1000 Bussels

More than 25 years Dirk De Wever has been working on all kind of design projects. What started with helping a friend for kitchens, bathrooms etc.x with a personal touch, became a real business enterprise providing not only furniture but the total package. While executing his job Dirk did not avoid creative challenges and today this creative thinking is still very important, even if he was forced by back problems to concentrate on smaller furniture. Crisis as an opportunity to take the time to make beautiful, useful and sustainable objects.

After all those years Dirk had a range of materials in his warehouse, a wealth of surpluses which gave him the chance to follow a new path.


The Brussels Limited Edition – Colors Blocks

With this work Dirk proves again that surpluses can be used in the real meaning of the word and do not have to be thrown away as waste. The size of the object can be changed according to the location. New blocks can be added or removed. Also the colors can be adapted. And finally it is up to the users to decide which functional interpretation they will give to their purchase. Will it be used for clothes? For books? For both? Or will they come up with other bright ideas?