1. Catherine François – Limited Edition / 2TEC2

Catherine François


Limited Edition / 2TEC2
Rue de Namur 35, 1000 Bruxelles

Sculptor for more than 25 years in Belgium, 10 years at Zedes Gallery then 6 years at Maruani-Mercier, and now, recently, at the Gallery Forêt Divonne. I also exhibited in 2007 and 2012 in the gardens of the Van Buren museum. I am lucky to have many pieces in renowned collections. My work was also present several times at the Brussels Art Fair, as well as at Brafa.




The Brussels Limited Edition


The essence of my work comes from the nature and its relationship with humans and vice versa. Most often, I do not know where they come from but most if the time forms arise with a useful aspect and so we may call that artist’s furniture. Some of my art pieces were installed in public spaces: Place Guy d’Arezzo for 6 months, or permanently and half-emerging on the breakwater at Knokke, as well as the sculpture “Twice” boulevard du Souverain. Future project are numerous and make my life more and more exciting!