Bi-N-ôme – Max & Moi


Max & Moi
Rue de Namur 99
1000 Brussels

Bi-n-ôme a duo of passionate, Marc and Jessy, whose complementarity is the key to the balance reflected in their creations.

‘’Back to fundamentals’’ is our motto. We create, develop and manufacture
furniture from quality materials charged with emotions and history. A simple
and refined design supported by materials such as solid oak, Belgian
bluestone, bronze and iron. We strive to always achieve a symbiosis, a harmony between our creations and the surrounding architecture that highlights the best of both.

Marc Vander Elst’s universe is the alliance between the past and our contemporary world. He is in love with patinas, textures and noble materials, history. His passion comes from his childhood spent in his mother’s antique restoration workshop. He uses this cultural heritage to put emotion into current creations.

Jessy Klönhammer is an industrial designer. Her vision-mission is to make everyday objects as beautiful as practical. Her taste for neo-industrial style comes from her childhood spent in an old mining area of Flanders. She developed a relationship with the individual by sharing the lifestories of workers. It’s this humanity and this respect for manual work that she infuses her creations with.



The Brussels Limited Edition


The search for harmony between design, materials and living space is the base of our creative approach to designing. The genesis of this approach is based on the theories of the biome we lean towards. This console is anchored on the ground to affirm its strong presence, but with singularity and an asymmetrical side that gives a dynamic to the whole. The choice of materials used is also a primary criterion. We only use noble materials with a direct link to Nature. The focus is also on the material’s imperfections.

Our society is becoming increasingly sophisticated and formatted. By highlighting these peculiarities of Nature, we give them their letters of nobility. There is, of course, symbolism in our creations that intend to reflect civilization.

The alliance of a complementary duo : The blue patinated metal gives a luxurious finish to the raw iron. The Belgian bluestone with its marine fossils reminding us that the ocean once covered our lands. These carefully selected materials implemented by passionate craftsmen, give life to our ideas.

Title : IM’PACT

Year of production : prototype june 2018

Materials : Belgian blue stone (Carrières de Soignies) presenting fossils , iron patinated ‘’bleu canon de fusil.

Dimensions : 180cm / 55cm / 78cm