Atelier365 – Momento Gaya


Momento by Gaya
Rue de Namur 79A
1000 Brussels

Founded by Laura Greindl, Atelier365 brings together designers and artisans to deal with all aspects of furniture making, from design to construction. Our aim is to make furniture and objects arising from the dialogue between craftsmen and designers. We make and sell products made by hand, to keep traditions alive and produce unique objects. Since 2013, we organize short classes in cabinet making and fine carpentry instructed by professionals. We offer an introduction to artisanal woodworking, traditional skills, techniques and tools.


The brussels limited edition – 2018

Domestic furniture

Inspired by our daily environment, the collection presents functional objects and furniture in solid wood: A stepladder chair and a table with a set of stackable chairs in solid beech.Trays, knives and peppermill made with the solid wood scraps of the workshop,as well as a limited series of single-piece food keeper made from recovered materials.