Ado Chale – Christofle

Ado Chale

Boulevard de Waterloo 37
1000 Brussels

Ado Chale, born in 1928 in Brussels, is a self-taught designer.

His work is distinctive thanks to its biomorphic shapes. Active during the 60’s, his work is made from a great variety of rare, noble and precious materials; mosaic of lapis-lazuli, turquoise, nacra, agate, fossil sequoia wood. The ‘‘Goutte d’eau’’ made of cast bronze contributed to his international recognition.

BOZAR paid a tribute to Ado Chale by a retrospective of his work in 2017. His daughter, Ilona Chale, dedicated a monograph to his work and was edited by Aparté.Some of his work will be presented at Christofle during the fifth edition of Uptown  Design 2018.



The Brussels Limited Edition – 2018