A Line Story X Project Store by Greta Marta X DVF


Rue du Grand Cerf 11
1000 Brussels

Project Store by Greta Marta
Rue du Grand Cerf 18
1000 Brussels


Aline Dubois’s passion for storytelling stems from her background in marketing and communications – a field in which she worked for a decade for some of Paris’s biggest fashion labels. This experience has led to her facilitating various collaborations over the years and allowed her to indulge her love for creating interaction between different worlds and an element of surprise. Based on her profound belief that collaboration is the future of design, she launched alinestory.com – a design and decoration site that promotes Belgian creativity and craftspeople – in 2017.

For the 2018 edition of Up-Town Design, to be held next September, and having already co-designed a line of 100% Made in Belgium wallpapers, Aline Dubois has come up with a unique and historic collaboration designed to showcase the symbolic archives of one of the most inspiring Belgian designers of all time – Diane von Fürstenberg. The concept is based on a series of original footstool designs incorporating Diane Von Fürstenberg dresses and revisited to create an exclusive collection of comfortable, individually numbered pieces.
The footstools are handmade, assembled and stitched in Belgium in keeping with the very popular concept of up-cycling, where the emphasis is very much on creatively recycling things rather than throwing them away. This is a unique development concept since it explores the world of Diane Von Fürstenberg’s work, with the footstools covered with cuttings from iconic DVF vintage dresses, showcasing prints that are now part of the history of fashion. Aline Dubois combines the pop world of von Fürstenberg with the colourful velvet fabrics of the Houlès label in a collection of 7 unique pieces that will be available to purchase and displayed at the Greta Marta Project Store from 12th to 30th September.

Diane von Fürstenberg herself will be heading for Brussels this autumn when she will be personally signing a copy of this fresh, fun and useful collection and offering her own unique reflection on it, underlining her philosophy of striving for comfort, assertiveness and pleasure in all aspects of life. The range will feature statement pieces that are still very current and represented by various dresses that have played a major role in the history of both feminism and femininity, including the 2011 Crawling Chain Black – Zebra, the 2015 Pollock – Wave Deep Night, the Brindille, which Diane wore on the cover of Newsweek in 1976, and the 2007 Diamond Square. An extraordinary exclusive one-shot collection that will remind you that you may well be able to sit on a designer footstool but you should never sit on your laurels when it comes to defending freedom and creativity. About the Project Store by Greta Marta: ideally located on Rue du Grand Cerf, this boutique-cum-gallery offers a selection of pieces ranging from fashion collections to pieces of contemporary art and serves as a showcase for the top picks of its founder, aesthete, art lover and key figure on the Brussels arts scene Greta Halfin.


POUF/ FOOTSTOOL 4 – Vintage Rose Wave jersey Print collection Fall 2009 mixed with Black end White Vintage



POUF/ FOOTSTOOL 6 Heritage Vintage Diamond Square jersey print Fall 2007